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Reception and waiting areas

We have a spacious dedicated reception area in which to welcome you to the practice. We firmly believe in quality care for healthy pets as well as those with problems and to this end we stock a full range of Hills® diets together with a comprehensive range of health care products for over the counter sales. A separate “quiet waiting area” is available for those pets of a more nervous disposition.

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Consulting rooms

The consultation rooms are used for examining and treating patients. Most consultations are booked for 10-minute sessions and can be extended if we find it necessary to do so for more detailed examinations. Our rooms are equipped to be able to give your pet the highest standards of care possible. Referral clients with orthopaedic or spinal problems will routinely require a minimum 30 – minute initial consultation.

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We have a well-stocked, secure dispensary on site with regular wholesaler back up and efficient stock rotation to ensure that the wide range of drugs and disposables required for in-patients and visitors is always available. Any medication prescribed at consultation can be conveniently dispensed at reception.

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The preparation room

This is the hub of the practice. This is where in-patients are checked over and medications are given. Pre-operative preparation is also done here to avoid contaminating the sterile operating theatres. This large central work area is where animals are anaesthetised before they are trollied to specialised treatment areas for surgery, dentistry or x-ray. There is also a bank of kennels here so animals recovering from surgery or anaesthesia can be constantly observed.

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Operating theatres

We have two sterile operating theatres where gloves, masks, theatre scrubs and clogs are worn at all times.

Operating theatre 1
This is our general theatre used for more minor procedures such as neutering and lump removals. All the facilities found in a modern theatre are provided to a high specification.

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Operating Theatre 2
This is our sterile theatre for major surgical procedures, mainly orthopaedic and spinal surgery. Piped oxygen and nitrous oxide (anesthetic gases) are provided with supplies monitored and alarmed with systems used in human operating theatres. A high-pressure “medical air” supply is provided above the operating table to drive sophisticated air drills and power tools needed for orthopaedic and neurosurgery.

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We have separate kennel areas for dogs and cats. Large “walk in” type kennels (pictured) are available for medium to large breeds whilst smaller dogs and cats house in warm moulded fibreglass cages. All our kennels are kept clean and dry to maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment.

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X-rays plays an important role in the diagnosis of many diseases and are a vital aid in orthopaedic and spinal disorders. All x-ray procedures require sedation or anesthesia to ensure that we obtain the highest quality images that are developed automatically in a separate dark room. Ultrasound and endoscopy are also available as is arthroscopy which allows us to look inside certain joints with the minimum of surgical interference.

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We have facilities for comprehensive blood analysis and for the examining urine and skin samples. Results are available within minutes which assists in diagnosis and allows the administration on prompt, appropriate treatment. We also make extensive use of external laboratories for routine surgical tissue examinations and for more unusual or complex blood tests.

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And upstairs...

We have vet's offices, the general office, study area, staff rest room, two store rooms and a large meeting room.

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