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In view of our desire to provide the highest standards of quality medical and surgical care and our involvement in orthopaedics and spinal surgery, we have an extensive array of diagnostic, monitoring and surgical equipment, much of which is similar to that found in a human hospital.



A general anaesthetic is used for any major surgical procedure. This means pets are unconscious and this allows us to operate without them feeling any pain, discomfort or distress. Pictured is an anaesthetic machine used to deliver oxygen and the latest anaesthetic gases safely to the patient.

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Anaesthetic monitors

We use various monitors to enable us to monitor the patient under anaesthesia. This helps alert us to any problems and make the procedure as safe as possible. We routinely use a respiratory monitor, pulse oximeter (measures oxygen content of the blood), blood pressure monitor and occasionally an ECG monitor in anaesthetised animals.

All operating tables have heated pads, since during anaesthesia the normal control mechanism pets use to control their own body temperature tends not to work as well. It is therefore important to prevent hypothermia, particularly in longer operations.

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